Young and New Collectors

Stamp collecting is a major hobby among many people worldwide. It can be started easily enough, and can grow to a wonderful collection over time. One of the aspects of stamps that collectors find most fascinating is their ability to reveal much about the history and culture of other places. Stamp collecting is a hobby that is simple enough to get started by children or adults alike, and can be continued for decades. Most stamp collectors collect stamps purely for their own enjoyment and satisfaction Collecting can be done any way you choose and the pleasure can be entirely your own.

One can start stamp collecting by saving stamps from the mail and getting friends, relatives and work colleagues to pass on stamps from their mail. Start your collection with stamp packets available from stamp dealers and hobby shops, buy new stamps from the post office,cut used stamps from old mail, packages, or letters, link up with a pen pal, swap stamps with friends and join a stamp club at school or your local stamp club. A list of stamp clubs is available on the Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies (ASPS) web site. Collecting stamps from all countries is very difficult as there are so many stamps issued and would be very expensive. Usually people concentrate on specific countries or increasingly opt for thematic collecting.

As an introduction to the fun of stamp collecting the Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies (ASPS) runs StampIT which is an outreach programme where children can discover a world of stamps through interactive games and activities. Follow the link to see what StampIT has to offer and you can download the new games, teachers’ ideas, and find out about the outreach.

And why not come along to Paisley Philatelic Society meetings. We are a friendly group and can provide advice, help and assistance with your stamp collecting.

The following links are just some of the many internet sites which may be useful to the new or younger collector.
StampIT site with an introduction to stamp collecting with downloadable games. Outreach sessions have games and activities to develop skills and learn about stamp collecting.
Stamp Active is a voluntary organisation which promotes stamp collecting for young people in the UK. Their website provides information and activities to encourage stamp collecting among young people.
Very useful site on how to start stamp collecting
Shows how to collect stamps in easy ro follow pictorial form
A guide on how to start a stamp collection
American Philatelic Society Site with many Collecting tips, Fun Stuff and Facts
Site with many useful tips and links to help in starting a stamp collection
Huge site un by US Postal Service where you can learn all about stamp collecting with a vast no. of useful links.