Welcome to the Paisley Philatelic Society

Paisley Abbey

Paisley Philatelic Society (formed in 1947) exists to encourage interest in and the growth of philately and the fellowship which arises from it. Philately (derived from the Greek philos meaning loving and ateles meaning franked) is the collection of and study of all aspects of postage stamps and postal history. There are no age restrictions nor minimum collection standards for membership of the Society.

Members meet fortnightly in the Ralston Community Centre at 2pm on Wednesday afternoons. A typical meeting would involve display of philately material by a guest or guests from another society, or by one or more of the Society's own members. The display could be either a collection of stamps, postal history covers or postcards, or a theme illustrated and developed using what is printed on stamps along with other appropriate ephemera.

It costs nothing just to come along and attend a meeting. If you are interested in joining the Society or just wish to know more about the philately, please contact the Society's secretary via the Committee page.