Paisley Philatelic Society runs three philatelic competitions to encourage members to develop, research and upgrade the presentation of their collections. The competitions, now run on a biennial basis are geared towards both the new and also the experienced philatelist. It is an ideal opportunity for the less experienced collector to gain initial experience of what is required for competition and exhibiting. Judging is carried out by an outside, independent and qualified judge of National Standard from another Club. Rules are relaxed and designed to encourage beginners to enter. Entries can be between 8 and 12 sheets.

 Trophies are awarded in three different categories :

             Philatelic - McIntyre Cup

             Postal History - Donaldson Rosebowl

             Thematic - Millar Salver

Competitions will be run on a biennial basis. The next competition will be held in 2016.

Many of the club's more eminent philatelists have gone on to win prizes at National and International level - club competition was their starting point. In addition to comments from the judge, fellow members will be pleased to provide advice, tips and encouragement. The rules of the various competitions can be obtained from the Secretary.

Each year, usually in December there is a Members night and Members exhibit 6 sheets related (very loosely) to a chosen letter of the alphabet. The Club Trophy is awarded for the entry most enjoyed or liked by the members on the night. This is a fun night and there are no hard and fast rules.

Previous winners of the Club trophies have been:

  McIntyre Cup Donaldson Rosebowl Millar Salver
1968 - 69 AS Anderson    
1969 - 1970 T Cowell    
1970 - 71 J S Donaldson    
1971 - 72 S R McKenzie G Mackenzie  
1972 - 73 J R Crosbie J R Crosbie A Lacey
1973 - 74 A Anderson T G R Erskine D Malcolm
1974 - 75 Rev W T F Castle Dr J Saunders A Lacey
1975 - 76 T G R Erskine A Lacey A Lacey
1976 - 77 Rev W T F Castle D Malcolm D Malcolm
1977 - 78 M Cleary J R Crosbie Mrs M S Lacey
1978 - 79 T Cowell D Malcolm Mrs M S Lacey
1979 - 1980 M Cleary R W Moreton Mrs J Clark
1980 - 81 Rev W T F Castle G Mackenzie Mrs J Clark
1981 - 82 G Mackenzie G Mackenzie M Mclaughlin
1982 - 83 R Barclay A Lacey R Barclay
1983 - 84 A Lacey R Preston A Lacey
1984 - 85 A Fraser Mrs J Clark Mrs J Clark
1985 - 86 J K Manners A Lacey Mrs D Anderson
1986 - 87 Dr D M Stalker D Malcolm Mrs D Anderson
1987 - 88 Dr D M Stalker D Malcolm Mrs D Anderson
1988 - 89 A Fraser A Lacey Mrs D Anderson
1989 - 1990 Dr D Stalker D Malcolm A Lacey
1990 - 91 J Bone A Lacey Mrs D Anderson
1991 - 92 Not Awarded D Malcolm R Preston
1992 - 93 C Duncan R Preston R Preston
1993 - 94 A Fraser A Lacey C Esler
1994 - 95 R Barclay R Preston Miss M Mcintyre
1995 - 96 C Esler A Lacey Mrs D Anderson
1998*   P R Longbottom A Lacey
2000* Mrs M Morris P R Longbottom A Lacey
2002* Dr D M Stalker R Barclay Mrs M Morris
2004* P R Longbottom P R Longbottom R Barclay
2013 K Mathieson
2014* Dorothy Anderson    
2016*   M Mathieson  


* Competitions held biennially